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BMW, Porsche Insurance claims market parts supplier in China


Company Profile

Yangzhou Yueke Auto Industry Co. Ltd, established in 2008, is a modern production plant with more than 10 years of production experience. The company is located in the north of Yangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city with beautiful scenery, "the hometown of lotus roots in China" -Baoying---(宝应 view: map). It is located in the Yangzhou river delta economic circle, on the bank of the Beijing-Hangzhou grand canal, close to the Beijing-Shanghai expressway and Huaijiang highway, with convenient land and water transportation.

For more than ten years since 2008, we have been adhering to the tradition of rigor, seriousness and innovation, focusing on product quality. At present, the manufacturing process has been fully automated and semi-automated, which ensures the stability, consistency and traceability of product quality. It is a professional manufacturer that produces sheet metal parts by using batch automatic manufacturing process. The quality standards of products strictly follows the stricter enterprise standard and the requirements of ISO 9001 and TS16949 quality systems certified by international organizations.


At present, Yangzhou Yueke Industry Co. Ltd has become a supplier of BMW and Porsche body parts in China insurance claim settlement market. At the same time, our products also serve the fast-growing domestic aftermarket and overseas markets. We insist on serving you wholeheartedly with high quality products, stable delivery time, professional service team, excellent suppliers and strong team resources.


The company has 11 presses with a capacity of over 1,000 tons, various mechanical processing equipment and a group of super-high-level technicians, specializing in the production and manufacturing of automotive sheet metal parts and the development of full-sequence dies. The main products are sheet metal parts suitable for BMW, Performance BMWPorsche and Chinese brand: Chery. There are more than 600 varieties in four series, all of which are advanced in technology and have been welcomed by customers at home and abroad for a long time.

Our Culture

  • Safety is paramount

As a manufacturing enterprise, 100% safety is the basic commitment of Yangzhou Yueke Auto Industry Co. Ltd to protect personnel and environment. Our commitment targets include employees, colleagues, family members and communities, as well as all people who cooperates with us or rely on our products and expertise.

  • Ethics and integrity

Yangzhou Yueke Auto Industrial Co., Ltd. won the 2017 China Integrity Demonstration Enterprise. All team members in Yueke strive to uphold the highest ethical standards and conduct business in the most honest way, regardless of their position, responsibilities or work place.

  • Value

​Our value-innovation

Innovation are our future. Through continuous technological progress, we will overcome the challenges in the future: pioneering spirit, professional methods and paying attention to development. In our opinion, pioneering ideas and innovative solutions are the key to occupy the leading position in the market. Creativity and cooperation in all innovation processes-join hands with customers and serve them.


Our value-Excellence

Excellence represents our ambition of providing the highest accuracy and quality. Our applications and sensor solutions are at the cutting edge of technology. We will continue to strive to create outstanding value.​


Our values-pertinently

Pertain is the key to success. We are a reliable partner to our employees, customers and all other stakeholders. Customer service makes it clear that people are very important to us.

Main Product

The company mainly produces and sells high-quality aluminum Hood/Bonnet/Engine cover, fender, doors shell, rear trunk lid, rear leaf panels, side sills and roofs. Suitable for most BMW models in the market (1 series;  3 series;  4 series;  5 series;  7 series;  X1;  X3;  X4, X5, X6 and X7).

For Porsche models, the company provides high quality aluminum Hood/Bonnet/Engine Cover for the following models:

(Cayenne 955/958.1/958.2; Panamera 970; 911 991; Macan 95B, etc.)

At the same time, we are also the largest Chery aftermarket parts manufacturer in the Chinese mainland (trademark: Flamengo &古都), which controls about 90% of the Chery after-sales market after maintenance. We have 40+ of Chery models and over 400 kinds of products. See our download page for details. 


Q1. Are you a factory or trade company?
A: We are professional manufacturer with own factory located in Baoying(宝应) and responsible sales team. You can get the most reasonable in the market for BMWPorsche, Performance Parts and Chery body parts. You might bought our product from other trade companies.

Q2. What material your product using?
A: For all replacement aftermarket BMW Porsche parts, we use the same material what OEM using.

(The material itself, the intensity of the product and the material thickness are same with original parts)

Q3. Is your factory new?
A: We have more than 12 years experience in steel body parts manufacturing and experienced skilled workers.

Q4. How about quality control of your products?
A: We pay great attention on quality control from the beginning till the end. For example, we spend more than 90 million RMB (15 million USD) for the sheet metal moud costing.

We believe the market will looking for solid quality in the future, not cheap and low quality products.

Q5. Our production capacity level?

A: We have strong production capacity power. For example, we can produce at least 5000 pcs F10 Hood or fenders in 7 days when we get order. 

Business Logo

Business Logo: Flamenco
Business Logo: 古都

Real photos took by us

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Production Equipment




Raw Material


CEO Office&conference room


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