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Yangzhou Yueke Auto Industry Co., Ltd., established in 2008, stands as a premier manufacturing entity, deeply rooted in the historic and scenic city of Baoying, northern Yangzhou, renowned as China's "Lotus Root Capital." Our strategically located facility, nestled within the Yangzhou River Delta Economic Zone, benefits from its proximity to major transportation hubs like the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, and the Huaijiang Highway, ensuring seamless land and water logistics.

Our ethos, steeped in the principles of diligence, integrity, and innovation, drives our commitment to quality. We have embraced advanced automation in our manufacturing processes to guarantee product stability, consistency, and traceability. Specializing in the automated production of sheet metal components, we adhere to stringent industry standards, fulfilling ISO 9001 and TS16949 certifications.

Proudly serving as a key supplier to prestigious brands such as BMW and Porsche, particularly in China's insurance claim settlement sector, we have also established a strong presence in both domestic and international markets. Our focus on customer satisfaction is evidenced through our delivery of top-tier products, punctuality, professional services, and collaboration with leading suppliers, backed by a robust team.

Our facility boasts 11 high-capacity presses exceeding 1,000 tons, diverse mechanical processing equipment, and a dedicated team of expert technicians. We specialize in automotive sheet metal part production and die development, offering a wide array of products compatible with BMW, Performance BMW, Porsche, and Chery. Our portfolio includes over 600 varieties across four series, all marked by advanced technology and a long-standing global customer approval.

Our Culture

Ensuring Uncompromised Safety: At Yangzhou Yueke Auto Industry Co. Ltd, we place unparalleled importance on safety in every facet of our manufacturing. Our dedication to safeguarding all involved parties—employees, partners, their families, and communities, as well as end-users of our products—is unwavering. Our comprehensive safety management system adheres to stringent industry norms and undergoes constant evaluation and enhancement to uphold our safety commitment.

Upholding Ethical Excellence: Yangzhou Yueke Auto Industry Co., Ltd. is deeply rooted in ethical practices and integrity. We strive to be an exemplary corporate entity, fostering trust and responsible practices among all stakeholders. Our conduct is steered by a robust code of conduct that informs our decisions and actions. Regular training in ethics and compliance fortifies our commitment, supported by internal controls that ensure adherence to our high ethical standards.

Driving Innovation: At the core of Yangzhou Yueke Auto Industry Co. Ltd's strategy is a relentless pursuit of innovation. Our substantial investment in research and development ensures we stay at the forefront of market needs and technological advancements. Our culture champions continuous improvement, creativity, and collaboration, enhancing our ability to innovate in tandem with customer insights, leading to significant value-driven solutions.

Commitment to Excellence: Precision and quality are the hallmarks of our work at Yangzhou Yueke Auto Industry Co. Ltd. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, we guarantee that our products not only meet but often surpass industry benchmarks. Our meticulous quality management system scrutinizes every production stage, from conception to delivery, signifying our dedication to excellence and our aspiration to remain an industry frontrunner.

Fostering Customer Partnerships: Viewing our customers as essential partners, Yangzhou Yueke Auto Industry Co. Ltd is devoted to nurturing enduring, trust-based relationships. Exceptional customer service and attentiveness to customer needs are cornerstones of our approach. We engage closely with our clients to deeply understand their business needs, ensuring our solutions are tailored to meet their specific demands. This customer-centric approach is reflected in our high-quality offerings, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery commitments.

Main Products

Yangzhou Yueke Auto Industry Co. Ltd specializes in crafting and supplying premium aluminum auto parts, expertly designed to complement a wide range of BMW models, from the compact 1 Series to the luxurious X7. Our product lineup includes hoods, fenders, doors, rear trunk lids, rear leaf panels, side sills, and roofs, each meticulously tailored to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance.

In addition to our BMW offerings, we take pride in producing high-performance aluminum hoods, bonnets, and engine covers specifically engineered for various Porsche models. This includes parts for the Cayenne 955/958.1/958.2, the Panamera 970, the iconic 911 991, and the Macan 95B. These components are designed to meet the exacting standards of Porsche vehicles, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional superiority.

Our expertise is not limited to luxury brands. Yangzhou Yueke Auto Industry Co. Ltd is the leading aftermarket parts manufacturer for Chery vehicles in China, operating under the renowned brands Flamengo and 古都. We dominate the market with a remarkable 90% share in after-sales maintenance parts for Chery. Our extensive array of over 400 distinct items caters to more than 40 Chery models, offering unparalleled choice and quality. For a comprehensive overview of our product range, clients are encouraged to explore our downloadable product catalog.


Q1. Factory or Trading Company?

A: Yangzhou Yueke Auto Industry Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer with a dedicated factory in Baoying, Jiangsu Province. Our facility is manned by adept personnel, complemented by a committed sales team. We specialize in producing superior quality body parts for BMW, Porsche, performance vehicles, and Chery. As the original manufacturer, we take pride in offering competitive prices, distinguishing us from other trading entities that may distribute similar products.

Q2. Material Composition of Products?

A: The aftermarket replacement parts we produce for BMW and Porsche are fabricated using materials identical to those used in original equipment manufacturing (OEM). We meticulously select materials for their robustness, longevity, and overall quality, ensuring that the material thickness aligns with or surpasses the standards of the original parts.

Q3. The Age of Our Factory?

A: Our factory has been operational for over 12 years, establishing a reputation for manufacturing high-quality steel body parts. The workforce at our plant is well-versed in all manufacturing aspects, ranging from tooling design to the final assembly process.

Q4. Quality Assurance Measures?

A: At Yangzhou Yueke Auto Industry Co. Ltd, quality control is paramount. Our approach to ensuring product quality includes a stringent inspection protocol that oversees every production phase, starting from raw material selection. We invest significantly in our tooling and machinery to guarantee that our products meet, if not exceed, industry norms. Our commitment to quality is fundamental to our success and customer satisfaction.

Q5. Production Capacity Details?

A: Our production facilities boast a substantial capacity, enabling us to promptly and efficiently handle orders of varying magnitudes. For instance, upon receiving an order, we are capable of producing a minimum of 5000 units of F10 hoods or fenders within a 7-day timeframe. Our production team is highly adept and experienced in crafting top-notch steel body parts, ensuring that we can accommodate even the most stringent production demands.

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